Birthing Shalom ~ Support Services

Currently serving the Southwest Missouri area. If you are interested in learning more about what a doula is or how I can support you and your partner during labor and the postpartum period please feel free to message or call me.  I look forward to being a part of your special moments!

What you can expect: 1 meet and greet prior to contract to see if we "click." Once we have met if you do decide to contract my services I require half of my total fee up front as a non refundable security deposit. The final payment will be due to me within 14 days of the date of your baby's birth. Once contracted you can expect 2 more "get to know you" sessions where we can discuss what you hope to get out of your birthing experience and we can really get comfortable with one another. We can also discuss any questions or concerns you have in regards to pregnancy/birth/postpartum. During your pregnancy I am happy to help via text/email as often as I reasonably can. I love helping mamas, but please remember that priority will always be given to mamas who are coming up on their estimated due date.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into your birth experience for a more relaxing environment and for sensation management then please just ask me. I love to chat about the wonders of pure essential oils! If you would like to join me in healing through essential oils feel free to sign up at this link and add my number (1332223) in both sponsor and enroller spaces:  
Young Living Essential Oils Sign Up Form

Also note, my job is to support the mother in labor. I do not provide ANY kind of medical support or make decisions for you. I will support you in your choices fully and look forward to serving you!

If you are in need of labor support and have little to no money, please still contact me with your story, I may be able to work something out with you.  I will happily barter my services if the terms are agreeable to both of us.

  Here is a link to my Facebook page where you can find more info and contact me directly about my services.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Thank you for your blog! I stumbled on it from a comment I saw on a no-poo blog. There is no concept : word for coincidence in Hebrew. My appointment with the bare truth was in Florida, Sept. 2001. Until that time I had been in a Baptist church, homeschooled, Christian schooled. Many questions I had. They said - you just need faith, these contradictions are just the mysteries of the kingdom. Well I know better now, when you let the Bible define the bible, and don't do away with the scriptures Yeshua and Paul taught would never pass away - you have the unadulterated gospel of the kingdom.
    I love seeing the Father is drawing many back to there roots, forsaking the deception and clinging to Him , no matter what the cost.
    I pray we all are ready for the great outpouring of His Ruach. I believe the time is near. All creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of Yah on the Earth. Me too!
    I'll be following your blog. Keep up the good work & love and hug the babies!
    Shalom, Carolyn from S. Idaho

    1. Hello Carolyn!

      I am thrilled to hear from you! Thank you for your encouraging words, it means a lot and it is always wonderful to have like minded people within my network. :-) The call is strong and many are waking up to His voice. It is exciting to see! There are many who are resisting as well, which breaks my heart but I pray their hearts are softened to hear His voice calling.

      If you are on facebook I would love to connect personally! You can find me at:


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